Whether you just found the first signs of cellulite on your body, you have had it for year or you just want to prevent it, worry not, there are multiple ways to avoid cellulite, reduce its appearance, and eliminate it.

The main solution would be to keep a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating healthy, to help blood flow and keep skin elastic.
You can also try cosmetic techniques that try to reduce cellulite by breaking up the bands of skin tissue. There are laser treatments, acoustic wave therapies, radiotherapy, carboxytherapy and much others. But all of these techniques tend to need several sessions and expensive visits to the dermatologist.
If the doctor life isn’t for you, you can use medications and creams at home or at a spa. Products with retinol or caffeine help by thickening the skin and dehydrating cells, respectively. Cosmetics that improve cell metabolism and blood circulation also help, as it delays de appearance of cellulite.

At Sepai we have the perfect extracts to kiss your cellulite goodbye! Mix the V6.2 CELLULITE body extract with the V6.3 SLIMMINGbody extract using BODY CREAM or BODY PRIMER as a base.
Once the cellulite has been drained, add the V6.4 FIRM PRO body extract to help preserve collagen and improve your skin’s firmness.
Treat your skin with love everyday and with time it’ll show the results.