At SEPAI we are celebrating 10 years of love for your skin. A love that we demonstrate every day with the quality, efficacy transparency and safety of our products.

Transparency is very important to us since you want to know every detail on the way our products have been developed and marketed.

When it comes to sustainability, at Sepai we are aware of the responsibility and environmental impact that comes from making a product.

We want to explain you all those invisible decisions we need to make everyday when each of our products are created.

We have our principles that we consider vital in order to offer efficacy and security for both your skin and the environment:

We choose our ingredients based on different criterias in order of importance:
ORIGIN: vegetal or molecular
COUNTRY OF PROVENANCE: the closer the better in order to minimize Carbon Footprint.
ISO 16128: we require this Naturality Index for each raw material in order to ensure its naturality content.

Considering RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION METHODS: water and energy efficiency to produce.

While keeping in mind RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL COMMITMENT: fair trade, responsible sourcing and other social responsible commitments.

Packaging is sometimes more energy consuming and less necessary than the product itself. Going back to basics and understanding how to improve the relation quality and waste reduction is paramount.

On this part of the process we take into account the processes of:

REDUCTION OF WASTE as well as RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING METHODS: recycling, biodegradable materials