It is a popular belief that acne goes away when you grow up. However, this is false, in reality, 30% of women between the age of 30 and 39 suffer from acne. It even appears in 1 out of 6 women over 50(1).

It’s true that life would be a lot easier if acne would stay with our teenage years, but there’s a way to cure it even if it didn’t. Here I’ll show you how to find a skincare routine that works for you and we’ll give answers to other rumors about acne and its causes.


When it comes to acne, it’s best to keep your routine simple but specific. Our Sepai routine has just three steps. Start with cleansing, use Wash day and night, a soap-free cleanser with green tea, burdock, and fermented probiotics to regulate sebum production.

Continue with the Balancing toner, day and night, to soothe and refine your pores, decongesting the skin.

After the tones, use the Restart serum to smoothe and balance your skin. In the morning, follow this with sun protection as always.

At night, add in the Peel Mud face mask between cleansing and the toner. This will deeply clean your face to eliminate excess oil and refine the pore.


Does smoking cause acne?
Many studies show a link between smoking and adult acne, however, they all admit further research is necessary to reach conclusive results.
Stress flares-up acne.
This is true, stress doesn’t cause acne, but being anxious or stressed could make the situation worse. A study at Stanford University certified that stress can cause inflammation on sebum glands, triggering an acne flare-up.

Sunbathing improves acne.
This is a myth, sunbathing seems to have positive effects shortly after doing it, but the results are often negative in the long term. It also depends on the amount of exposure you have to the sun, being under the sun for 10 minutes before 10 am is enough to produce vitamin D, which does help with acne. Excessive sun exposure can worsen your condition and add other consequences on top of that.

Take the best out of this skincare routine and lifestyle advice to cure your acne and to leave all those pimples behind with your high school yearbooks.

(1) Academia Americana de Dermatología