To find good skin care on the market, you must become curious and self-educate. Depending on your taste you might be driven to different brands or stores, but once you pick a product, can you be sure it is being truthful to its label and that its ingredients are safe?

is it safe to trust the law?

The laws that approve and regulate what goes into products change depending on the country or continent.  In the United States, the latest federal law regarding personal care products was passed in 1938; only 30 ingredients are partially banned. Meanwhile, the European Union counts with over 1,300 products banned so far.
However, there are ways to choose the smartest products wherever you are.
  • Do you trust the labels? Sometimes brands use words like hypoallergenic, natural or dermatologist-tested without there being any proof to their claims. What matter about this is that there are many studies that can be done and not all of them cover the same issues. Investigate the brands you like and look for tests they have done or proof they have provided.
  • Read the ingredients and know what they represent.  Sadly, some brands have been known to use ingredients that do the opposite of what they claim. The reason for this could be seen in two ways, the brands either want to save money and choose cheap ingredients, or they want to make the consumer think they need more than what is actually necessary.


For example, a teen with acne will think that the best cleanser is the one that provides a deep clean, however, a scrub and dryness isn’t the best for zits (check these posts on skincare for oily skin). Everyone associates foam with cleaning agents, but it isn’t necessary and brands usually add extra ingredients just to make their cleansers or shampoos foam!
Make sure you know what the intricate words on the back of the bottle mean and stay away from suspicious ingredients.

As long as you stay curious and knowledgeable about how your skin works and what it needs, you should be safe from any lie the industry tries to sell you. Find the brands you trust and stick with them. At Sepai we know this can be hard so we try to make the world a better place by being as transparent as possible!

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