In Sepai Laboratories, one of our major concerns, besides efficacy is the safety of our customer’s skin.

Butylene glycol is an ingredient present in some of our formulas. We will try to illustrate with some facts that hopefully help to clarify the information and boost interest of research, which we really encourage in all our customers.

1. We don’t put any glycol form directly into our formulas, but we get several active ingredients dispersed in butylene glycol. The efficacy of the active ingredients is necessary, so we cannot eliminate them, but we can encourage them to change the base to other substances.

2. The glycols are a family of substances that exist in nature, not all of them are petrol derivates. Some of them are of natural origin, while others are synthetic.

3. The glycols may show a light irritating effect when used in high concentrations. That’s why we never exceed a 0.5% for our products. We fully trust the EWG because they are a respectful NGO organization, they value the risk of using substances in skincare. You can take a look at their evaluation risk  here.

Finding information online is a very complicated issue; many websites give slanted information, not everything we read is always 100% true, and sometimes, posts miss an important part of the information and help confuse the consumer.

Our aim is to help people like you to find information resources that are professional and help you take your own decisions.

If in spite of this you want to use a brand without butylene glycol, and that is more purist regarding naturalness, we invite you to try our natural & 100% vegan brand APoEM, which could be a concept you will feel more comfortable with!