Reducing our carbon footprint is important to us, as climate change is not something we believe in, but a fact. As a company and as individuals, we put a lot of effort into contributing to the environment’s well-being with our actions.

Avoiding the release of CO2 can be tricky when producing and shipping products worldwide. However, we manage to reduce the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere by adopting eco-friendly habits.

carbon footprint

Technology against the carbon footprint

The use of natural ingredients can cause problems for the environment. We fix this by practicing natural biotechnology, which helps us obtain laboratory processes and species that reduce water and energy consumption. 

The closer, the better

We choose ingredients from local and nearby sources, thus avoiding long distances of transportation as much as we can. Our ingredients are vegan and of natural origin. Because of this, we make sure to work with sustainable distributors that take care of the environment and our resources.


Our products prove that you don’t need to fill up your counter to achieve the best skincare routine. Choosing a product that can offer more than one benefit will help reduce production and waste, as well as making it easier for you!


The production processes of products can cause high levels of gas emissions. We practice efficient use of energy in production through cold processes, avoiding heating as much as possible, which also reduces the use of water.

carbon footprint

Efficiency helps the world.

We take pride in our results, making sure that the daily use of our products offers positive changes for your skin. Our concentrated formulas make every drop count, making it possible to get the best use out of your products for a longer time.

As we try our best every day to make the release of gases lower, we compensate for every emission we can’t avoid nowadays. Let’s keep working together to make this a greener and healthier world.