If you want to get a face mask but aren’t sure of what to go for, start here and see our recommendations.

choosing the right_mask

First there’s one of Sepai’s best selling products, the Peel Mud, a balancing and exfoliating mask that works on all skin types but is better for oily skin because of its deep cleansing. It eliminates excess oil and illuminates the skin, giving you an immediate sensation of freshness.

Then we have the Enfleurage line. A mask line that emerges from the strength of enfleurage and flower petals.
The GLOW RECHARGE moimask is one of those, with jasmine and camu camu extract. It is a nourishing mask that recovers luminosity, recharges and regulates the hydrolipidic barrier. It is great because it can be used at any time and with the desired frequency. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.
The other option from the same line is MOIST RELIEF, a delicate mask made with rose petals, mistletoe and Japanese blood grass root. It deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin, recovering a fresh and dewy look.
So now that you know how great face masks can be, go ahead and add one to your weekly routine. Unless the product you choose says otherwise, a face mask should be used once a week. Take some minutes of your day to relax and spoil yourself with your favourite mask!