Serums are basically concentrated magic in a bottle, but just like potions, not all of them do the same. Every serum specializes at a different topic, which is wonderful as you can fight specific problems with just a few drops of product.

There are many serums available at Sepai. If you are not sure which one would work best for you, we’ll help you with this simple cheat sheet.
RESTART is a gel-serum that targets all causes of ageing. It provides the skin with extra energy and protection. It is for combination and oily skin types, and can be used day and night.
BOOSTER+ is a rich serum with a moisturizing texture. It aims for a visibly younger, smoother and brighter skin. Normal to dry skin types are the ones we recommend to go for this serum. You can customize it with an extract if you want a more personalized treatment.
INVISIBLE is a moisturizing serum that regenerates and improves skin complexion, like fine lines and imperfections. It is recommended for all skin types, except for very dry skin.
COUNTER-CLOCKWISE treats wrinkles, pores and spots. It provides a soft exfoliation and enlightens the skin to achieve an even skin tone. It can be used on normal to oily skin types.
SUBLIME YOUTH improves hydration, firmness and softness. It is an anti-ageing serum for very dry skin types or to be used as an after-sun treatment.
Youth Molecule EGF is a complex and potent serum composed of plant derived molecular EGF, suitable for all skin types. Perfect to treat dullness, flaccidity, spots and all kinds of ageing symtomps.
We hope that this information could clear your doubts about the mysteries of face serums. We were glad to introduce you to the wonderful benefits of this magical liquids.