Cruelty-free cosmetics are on the rise, thankfully. Many brands are adding some vegan products to their lines, pleasing the growing vegan population.

While there’s a lot to celebrate, finding vegan and cruelty-free products can still be confusing and disappointing. Some brands offer a few vegan products next to animal-based formulas, making it hard to stick to a brand to trust.

It is not required for products to be certified by a big organization to be vegan, but most times, this can make the process easier for the consumer. The ingredient list can be confusing and misleading. To be considered vegan, the product’s ingredient list must be free of animal-derived ingredients, which can be found under tricky names.


Sepai’s view on cruelty-free products

At Sepai, we pride ourselves on being an all sustainable brand. We love natural ingredients and respect the environment and its resources

Our products are the prime example that you don’t need to compromise quality for ethics. We offer efficient, high-end skincare that is both vegan and cruelty-free

Additionally, we protect anyone without decision capacity. Our products are tested on ourselves and willing adults! We don’t test on animals or unwilling subjects at any point, from supply to manufacturing.

For some extra reassurance and identification, our brand is certified by Peta and Positive Luxury.

With Sepai you don’t have to look any further, we offer you personalized skincare, for all skin types and needs. Our products are a mix of organic processes and advanced technology

It’s all about positive actions.

We believe that between all, we can truly make the world a better place. Even if you’re not ready for a vegan lifestyle, supporting and using cruelty-free or sustainable products can help make a difference.

If you want to learn more about the responsible developments of Sepai, read about our three main actions here.