For years, tanned skin has been seen by western society as a sign of a healthy and attractive appearance. Self-tanners have grown popular as we become aware of the risks associated with sun and UV exposure


A safe and natural self-tanner.

DHA is an irreplaceable ingredient for skin pigmentation. Vegan DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone, is a hydrosoluble powder that offers a natural and safe tan. 

When using a self-tanner, the pigmentation must be natural and harmonious with your skin color. The vegan DHA gives everyone a unique tone according to their cocktail of amino acids. When the ingredient comes in contact with your skin, it creates a natural pigmentation according to your original skin tone. 

Vegan DHA is an organic and sustainable component. It activates your skin’s natural melanin production while improving your defenses. It is rich in silanol, an antioxidant that protects the skin from UV rays. 

Get the perfect tan at home.

Tanning at home can be confusing and even scary to the inexperienced user. A lot of things can go wrong when using a self-tanner, right? 

At Sepai, we make it easy for everyone to get a uniform and safe tan all year long, as easy as applying your daily cream

The Tan Pro booster is an antioxidant and self-tanner extract that you can add to your regular moisturizer or serum. Get an efficient and natural tanned look without the multiple consequences of sun exposure!

In addition to avoiding UV rays, the presence of vegan DHA in our formula will provide your skin with an extra defense from the sun. It is safe and efficient, working within 2-6 hours in low doses, for a water-proof tan that lasts up to two weeks. 

For a better experience, when using any self-tanner, make sure to exfoliate your skin before applying. An exfoliator will help you get an even tone by getting rid of dead skin cells and dirt.