In search of the easiest way to treat specific skin problems, we came up with these four magic pens that target the most requested facial concerns: wrinkles, eye lifting, pore reduction, and lip plumping. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into it and learn more about these new Sepai superheroes!


Gorgeous lips with INSTA Lips

Chapped and dry lips begone with this state-of-the-art lip balm. Its Zamak metal applicator provides a cold effect that favors circulation and helps distribute the ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and bakuchiol present in the formula. 

Achieve soft and quenched lips by applying one drop in the morning and at night.

Use INSTA Pores for a smoother complexion.

A single drop of this magical serum will purify and cleanse your skin for a softer and smoother surface. After a 7-day cleansing process, your pores will be clear of oils and dirt, appearing more refined than ever.

Pro-tip, use it as the first step (after cleansing) in your evening routine!

Fill in wrinkles with INSTA Wrinkle.

Thanks to the Zhi Mu plant, this pen can visibly reduce wrinkles. Click the pen and apply one drop with a gentle massage to let the ironing effect ingredients give your skin a smoother and toned-up appearance.

Use it on clean skin before serums, directly on defined wrinkles.

Keep your eyes wide open with INSTA Eyes.

Disguise expression lines and end up with rested-looking features. This triple-effect serum lifts the eyelids and provides a rested gaze!

We’ll let you in on a little secret, to achieve the best results, apply one drop onto the eye contour. The trick is to brush the skin tightly and upwards, making three parallel sweeps on each segment until the area is fully covered.

Be part of the revolution of skincare!

You are one click away from transforming both your skin and your life. These convenient pens aren’t only really easy to use but also extremely effective!

Like all products formulated by Sepai, the INSTA line is free from controversial, harmful, and unnecessary substances. Our ingredients are sustainable and sourced with carbon footprint reduction into account.

Read more about our production methods and principles here!