Having dry skin can be a burden. It is a delicate and somewhat annoying skin type that needs to be taken care of with the right products that don’t irritate it and actually make it feel better.
However, looking for this magical formulas that make your skin feel instantly hydrated can be hard sometimes. Most products take weeks before showing results and it might become tiring.

This is why today we are here to recommend you an answer to all your prayers. It is well known that face masks are loved because of their instant results, giving your skin a load of nutrients and agents that target the problem right aways, which is just what we are offering.

The Replenish Glow Mask is a revitalising face mask that will protect and recharge your skin to restore its luminosity. It is warm and simple, yet you won’t be able to forget its deep and intense aroma that gives you a deeply nourished, clean and radiant skin.

Once you try this face mask, you will long to use it again and again. Its aromas are sweet and warm, reminding you of tender childhood moments and giving the product a perfect aromatherapy experience. This is thanks to the incense and rosemary, which reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

Apart from being extremely nourishing, its active ingredients are antiseptic, antioxidant, wound-healing, protecting and free radical neutralising.
All-together, this face mask is here to make your day a million times better. It will hydrate your skin and give it all the properties it needs, while making you feel relaxed and at ease.

What’s best, is that like all of our products, the Glow Mask is strictly vegan, cruelty and toxin free, with safe ingredients and an environmental-safe packaging that will guarantee you won’t have to worry about anything when enjoying the product.