If you have thirsty skin and you long for that fresh and hydrated feeling, you have probably dreamed of a mystical product able to give your skin the freshness and the dewy look that it has been craving.

face masks thirsty skin

Imagine a face mask that emerges from the strengths of the ancient enfleurage process and flower petals, giving your skin immediate relief and pleasure.
Sounds magical, right? Like out of a fairy tale. But with the Moist Relief mask, it becomes a reality and can be right on your bathroom counter, ready to be enjoyed.

Enfleurage is a technique that came to light in ancient Egypt to extract fragrances. It is a slow process that requires patience, but pays off with its wonderful results. It is a simple process that shows all its beauty when lots and lots of flowers release their essential oil and aroma onto cloths, in the purest ways.
The Moist Relief face mask comes from that. It is made with rose petals and fermented mistletoe, a delicacy for the senses and the skin. No matter your skin type, this face mask is for you. Deeply hydrate even the thirstiest skin, in a gentle way that makes it safe for sensitive skin.
Thanks to the powerful hydra-smart technology, this face mask is able to moisturize with an instant soothing and distressing effect, while its actives supply hydration and protection all day long. What’s even better about this face mask is that you don’t have to wait once a week to wear it like with most masks. You can use the Moist Relief at any time and with the desired frequency, so you can pamper your skin and give yourself some extra love whenever you feel like it.

Give it a try and let yourself be taken to a new level of relaxation with this enchanting rose petal face mask.