All about face moisturizers

It is common knowledge that moisturizing is important, but there are many things that people don’t ask themselves when they moisturize. What are all the benefits? Are you using the right moisturizer? Are you applying it right? You will find answer to those questions and more reading below.


What are the benefits of using a face moisturizer?

Moisturizers don’t only make your skin look healthy and hydrated, they also help with many things you surely didn’t think were related.

Having a moisturized skin will help avoid the appearance of wrinkles and make the old ones look smaller. When your skin is dry, it compromises the skin barrier and leads to a breakdown of collagen. This accelerates aging, which means that an hydrated skin saves you some years from those aging fears.

If you suffer from acne, not using a moisturizer will only make it worse. You might find this confusing, but dryness makes blemishes worse. There are moisturizers suitable for oily skin and they will be your ally on avoiding acne flare-ups. No matter your skin type or condition, women, men, and everyone would benefit from using a moisturizer.

Another thing moisturizers do perfectly is protecting your skin. Skipping this important step on your skincare routine will take off a layer of protection. Sometimes a product is too powerful and can be drying, which is why they require to be followed with a moisturizer.

Hydrating your face also helps when you apply makeup, as makeup sticks to dry areas of the skin and seeps into fine lines. If you want a flawless application, use a moisturizer 5 minutes before using foundation.


Choosing the best moisturizer for oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin

Everyone needs a moisturizer, both men and women, it doesn’t matter if you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin type. Read up and find your perfect match.

If you have combination or oily skin, go for an oil-free moisturizer with a light texture, lotions tend to be less greasy than creams. Also, it might work to look for exfoliating ingredients.

At Sepai we have GLOBAL, in its light version. It is a truly revitalizing treatment that will provide long lasting hydration and moisture to your skin, with a matte effect. However, if your skin is dry, find a thick cream or ointment. We recommend GLOBAL+, the rich version. It has a nourishing texture and a luminous effect. It’ll make your skin look smooth and dewy.

If you have sensitive skin, look for products without fragrances or dyes, so they don’t irritate your skin. At Sepai we focus on the formula and don’t add any unnecessary ingredient just to make it look pretty.

For normal skin type or for those who can’t decide, we have multiple options that work for all skin types.

PAPARAZZI is a lightweight and antioxidant moisturizer with protective actives against environmental toxicity. It is cell repairing and improves skin’s radiance.

CITY SHIELD is the most advanced global shield for the skin. It has SPF 50 and protects you from the harmful effects caused by sunlight and environmental pollution. It has a lightweight texture and absorbs excess oil, allowing perspiration.

Then there’s the Flawless formula with IMMACULATE, a brightening moisturizer that targets hyper-pigmented skin, to correct, prevent and improve its resistance to environmental causes of age spots.

Apart from your skin type, you have to keep your environment in mind. The weather affects your skin’s hydration and whether it’ll irritate or need extra protection.

When it is cold outside, you should have extra protection and go for a richer cream, if your skin isn’t oily, avoiding exfoliating ingredients.

If the day is humid or hot, go for a lightweight moisturizer or a get that won’t make your skin too oily. Make sure it isn’t thick so your skin will be able to perspire.

Even if the sun isn’t completely out, don’t forget to get SPF on your moisturizer or add it right after. A sunscreen can also moisturize, so make sure to follow the same rules for your skin type than with the moisturizers.

And that’s it. Don’t be afraid of moisturizers and make sure to befriend them to have a healthier skin.


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