flawless SEPAI

flawless sepai

Flawless skin?

Defy time with the instant firming, smoothing and brightening solutions.

Flawless is inspired by the wabi-sabi concept, the minimalist formulation and its secure and reliable RETIN-LESS technology, targets the most important functions for unveiling your own flawless beauty.
A product line that goes beyond the predictable skin benefits, formulated to unveil your skin perfection, treating the factors involved in lack of firmness and elasticity. With Sepai’s retin-less technology we have found a way to activate the retinoid receptors without the negative effects of retinol.
As a result, all the triggering effects on proteins, firming and tissue stimulation are enhanced avoiding the inflammatory processes associated to retinoids, thus ensuring a better skin protection in the long term. Reducing micro-inflammation leads to a youthful skin.

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