The claim “clean skincare” could mean something different to many people. At Sepai, we follow the most strict regulations and choose only safe ingredients, whether they are sourced naturally or produced in a lab.


Fragrances are a concern for all skin types

Scents and fragrances usually are controversial. They can be sensitizing or unnoticeably harmful. Most people try to stay away from chemical fragrances, but even natural scents can be sensitizing depending on their components. 

If you don’t have sensitive skin, you must think that you have never experienced the effects of harmful fragrances, but these consequences can be present even when we don’t see them. Some of the ingredients used under the “fragrance” label can cause allergies, dryness, and even long-term reactions.

Are chemicals the issue?

When it comes to fragrances, it’s impossible to differentiate natural from synthetic, unless the label specifies it. Most of the ingredient lists read “fragrance” or “perfume” without a detailed list of its components, as it isn’t required by law

However, finding a label that reads 100% natural doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring some issues attached. On the contrary, a natural fragrance contains allergens that usually sensitize the skin.

No matter the source, our ingredients will always be safe and beneficial. Our lab-created substances, including scents, are clean and have all been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin

How to stay away from harmful fragrances?

It’s almost impossible to know if a perfume is good or bad just by reading at the ingredient list or looking at the bottle. Stick to brands you trust and research their negative list and the ingredients they don’t use. 

When choosing our fragrances, we make sure to stay away from any problematic substance. We use perfumes free of phthalates, styrene, toluene, naphthalenes, sunscreens, galaxolide, tonalite, ethylene brassylate, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, preservatives, and of course, allergens.


Don’t always trust a nice scent, read before buying and uncover that mysterious “fragrance” label.