During Summer, the skin must be prepared to defend itself from extreme factors that can make it suffer. Our summer-musts are the City Shield and Flawless Immaculate moisturizers.

Follow these skincare, diet, and lifestyle advice that will help you stay protected!


1. Enriched sunscreen.
Don’t go out without a layer of broad-spectrum sunblock with actives that protect your skin from cellular and mitochondrial damage caused by radiation.

2. Re-apply and repeat.
When exposed to the sun, it is important to re-apply sunscreen every 3 hours, or every time the skin gets wet or sweaty.

3. Always clean.
It’s common to sweat more during summer, and this makes it even more important to cleanse day and night, before your usual treatment.

4. Softer, please.
Never stop hydrating your face and body skin with the right treatment and constancy.

5. Renewal.
Your skin could use a good exfoliating session according to your needs: once a week for oily skin, once a month for dry or sensitive skin.

6. Antioxidant shield.
Choose daily use products or supplements that contain antioxidants.


7. Don’t forget your water.
Make sure to drink enough water every day (around a liter and a half), and hydrate more regularly if you lose a lot of liquid.

8. Say no to toxins.
Avoid smoking or alcohol in excess. It will do more than to help your organs, as the skin also suffers the consequences.

9. Rainbow diet.
Eat fresh fruits and veggies every day to improve your cutaneous resistance: the more colorful the dishes are, the more variety of nutrients.


10. Good hours.
Pay attention to the clock when you go out. Don’t spend too much time under the sun from 12 to 05 pm, and even less without sunscreen.

11. Vitamin-full sun.
To help your body enjoy that Vitamin D, it is more than enough to expose your arms and legs for an hour around 9 am.

12. Get some rest.
Every hour of sleep is a gift for your health. Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

13. Happiness is beauty.
Live happily and avoid stressful situations. A positive attitude can activate endorphins and substances to lower inflammation, regulate cellular functions, and create a general state of wellbeing.