Exfoliation is essential, it is very deep and necessary.
Exfoliating helps to renew skin, letting the new one come up, and improving the penetration of active ingredients you apply on your skin.
Choosing the right exfoliating product is essential, as well as knowing how often you must exfoliate, as every skin type and product requires a different frequency.
After you are sure of that, there’s the most important tip on how to be a pro.
At Sepai we only use Gluconolactone as a chemical exfoliating acid, because of its mildness, and also its humectant power. When choosing enzymes, we are huge fans of papaine and bromelaine, enzymes derived from the pineapple and the papaya fruits, with a fantastic exfoliating capacity. At Sepai we have a few exfoliants to choose from depending on your needs.


First there is our balancing exfoliating mask, Peel Mud, recommended for oily skin types that need greater cleansing. It uses Bacillus Ferment as its exfoliating base, but other detoxifying, antioxidant and oil regulator ingredients also form part of its formula.


Then, there is Wash, a soap-free cleanser that works on all skin types. It is delicate and will also help you hydrate, balance and purify your skin. Fermented probiotics, green tea, ginseng and other actives are the ones that make this exfoliating cleanser so great and refreshing.


Lastly, there is a new member of the exfoliating family. Metamorphose is a peel powder that gentle exfoliates, purifies, clarifies and balances the skin with chamomile, mallow petals, bamboo particles and fruit acids. It can be used on all skin types once a week, and even daily on oily skin types.

Are you ready now to go exfoliate and make your skin look its best? Start your journey through the wonderful world of exfoliation and don’t forget to tell us all about it! In case you still have some doubts, don’t be afraid to come to us for advice on any of our platforms.