If you want to avoid wrinkles or if it is too late and you want to attenuate them, we present you a few ways to achieve it.

The basics are linked to your lifestyle. Even a long-term smoker can slow down the accelerated ageing by quitting. You don’t have to become a vampire and avoid all sun, but wear sunscreen everyday and avoid being exposed to UV light for a prolonged time. Stay hydrated, eat enough fruits and vegetables and sleep well, this will better your overall health and therefore, your skin.
Then you can add a skincare routine to ensure that your skin is healthy. At Sepai we are experts at this, and we have an entire line dedicates to ageing, the Recovery formula.
This product line was formulated to care for the totality of the ageing process. Sepai’s RECOVERY formula, with its cutting edge technology, is a new conception of beauty created as a global smart-ageing skincare for the most demanding skins. As a result, the skin looks at its best, with an enhanced ability to defend, protect and repair itself.

There are many products to choose from within this family, and you could choose to use one, a few, or most of them, depending on your skin’s needs.
First there are serums. RESTART is a global optimising serum that with its high concentration of actives, prevents all signs of ageing on combination to oily skin types. The BOOSTER+ serum follows, with a rich texture and the same concentration that will ensure a visibly younger, smoother and brighter skin, for those with normal to dry skin types.

For specific areas we have the eye creams, LOCAL and LOCAL+. They are specially designed to care for the eye contour area. The first one is light and fast-absorbing, while the latter gives you a rich nourishing texture.
To bring the routine to an end, there are face and body creams. GLOBAL and GLOBAL+ revitalize, moisturize and fill in lines and wrinkles, with a light or rich texture.
Body will take care of the rest of your skin, revealing a fresher and younger looking skin.
Achieve an age-less look and get smooth skin with all these tips!