Macaline is one of our ingredients, great as a slimming, draining, and firming agent. Besides its many benefits, Macaline is a no-waste ingredient that is part of our eco-conscious choices. 

Waste production and overconsumption of the earth’s resources harm the planet in many ways. Our mission is to make the best use out of every resource we put in our products.


What is Macaline?

Maca, or Peruvian Ginseng, is one of the very rare tubers able to survive in the extreme conditions on the Andean plateaux. 

Macaline is a by-product extracted from maca leaves. This process makes the ingredient a no-waste active as the entirety of the plant is used. 

Through upcycling, we treat otherwise discarded maca leaves and increase their benefits and value.

The responsible sourcing behind Macaline

We ensure every ingredient we use meets our sustainable standards. Our maca sources are responsible and ethical. This component is sourced only from Latin America, its land of origin, giving priority to endemic species.

Traditional farming practices are respected. The land is cultivated for two years and then left fallow and then the next ten. This practice is Fair For Life certified by Ecocert.

Following these simple measures, we take advantage of every part of the plant, including its by-products, while being respectful of the land it comes from and treating it nicely.

In the search for better use of the resources around us, we transform “trash” to treasure, preventing unnecessary waste, and benefiting your skin with powerful and efficient ingredients. 

Next time you read Macaline on the ingredient’s list, rest assured that both your skin and the environment will highly benefit from it.