At Sepai we use mica in some of our products to make them as great as they are, but we don’t take the use of this ingredient lightly.

Mica is a mineral used in various industries, including cosmetics and makeup. This mineral mainly originates from India, in challenged regions where there is a risk of unsafe working conditions and child labor.


At Sepai we don’t support these conditions, we look for suppliers with ethical working practices, a traceable supply chain, and environmentally friendly sourcing.

We are committed to respect and promote human rights, and this includes our supply chain. All of our ingredients come from business partners that comply with our standards, it being more important to us how the product is obtained than where it comes from.

What this means is that even if we have to make more effort to obtain our ingredients from an ethical supplier, we will always choose these over one with unethical practices and poor working conditions.

We are aware that child work and unsafe working conditions aren’t only present in mica sourcing, that is why we stand against this in every way possible. Sepai has zero tolerance towards these conditions and we do not engage or work with any partner that doesn’t adhere to this policy.

Our main desire is for our clients to enjoy the best of Sepai knowing that all the contents of the bottle are there under the right conditions, without hurting the environment or any human being.

If you have any further questions don’t doubt to send us an email to or to ask on any of our social media profiles.