A microorganism is invisible to the human eye but exceptionally powerful. Using microbes on skincare products wasn’t seen as something positive, but now we understand the role of bacteria, and we are using it to our advantage. They are used to transform the ingredients we use into smaller particles, allowing them to be easily taken in by the skin.


What a microorganism can do for you

At Sepai, we use biotechnology (more about it here) through the process of biofermentation to boost our formulas and to also help the environment. 

We use a unique marine strain of fermented bacteria from the Canadian Artic’s deepest waters.  This bacteria is an extremophile, an organism that can survive in extreme environmental conditions, as these ensure its optimal growth. It produces molecules that naturally protect from stress.

This side of biotech is innovative, still extremely efficient. These lab-made ingredients are pure and offer highly valuable results, made to fit our specific needs under the higher standards. 

The environmental benefits of microorganism cultures

Aside from benefiting your skin and body in general, microorganisms are helpful for the environment.

Biotechnology is eco-friendly and completely sustainable. It uses very few resources and energy, with a perfectly safe, natural, and transparent process. 

This trend may have gained more popularity nowadays, as people seek to stay healthy while being environmentally-friendly. Skincare isn’t the only place where you can find the use of microorganisms. Fermented food is another typical application for microbes, as you can find them in Kimchi, Kombucha, and many more products.

At Sepai, we look for the most advanced ways to mix nature and technology. We want to give your skin only the best we can produce. Adding microorganisms to our formulas achieves higher reliability with a lower negative impact. It also allows us to develop plant-based versions of animal-derived ingredients. 

Needless to say, you can trust us to deliver the safest and most efficient products available. Our formulas are dermatologist tested, without harming anyone nor using subjects with no decision capacity.