It is a fear among most acne-prone or oily skin type people that moisturisers will end up in breakouts, grease and huge pores. However, this is a myth we want to end.



They don’t only keep you hydrated, they achieve this by helping your natural sebum go into the deeper layers of your skin, which is great when preventing clogged pores.
What’s true is that not all moisturizers are made for every single skin type, just like with every other skincare product out there. Just like people, all skin is different, which is why it is really important you know and understand your skin before choosing the products you will be using on it.
Despite this, there are many moisturizers out there that are safe for oily skin and don’t clog pores, but we understand that sometimes it can be really hard to find the perfect one. In here, we make our best to give you some tips when using your moisturizer in fear of clogging your pores.


First you need to know that what enlarges and clogs pores is mainly dirt, pollution and dead skin mixing with extra sebum. It is really important to cleanse your face and apply the next skincare product before a minute passes.
Another reason for clogged pores is irritation. If your moisturizer has any ingredient that reddens of irritates your skin then it is not the right choice for you, obviously.
Now that you have this in mind, go for a light moisturizer, stay away from rich products if your pores are prone to clogging and you have acne. Don’t be scared of bottles that say oil on them, most creams have some sort of oil, but it isn’t always bad, having oily skin doesn’t always mean going oil-free on your skincare.
Choose a moisturizer that has SPF in it, sun protection is really important at all times, but also, UV rays enlarge pores by making the skin less elastic. In spite of this, use a different moisturizer at night, when the sun isn’t a threat. In the evening, your skin repairs itself and it is the perfect time to get those reparative actives working.


Apply your moisturizer evenly, on every part of your face, and don’t forget the neck. Use the same amount of product across your face, the layers can block pores, so don’t apply tons of moisturizer at once, a thin layer is enough.
If these tips don’t work, maybe you should stop blaming your moisturizer and look for the real cause. Here’s our 101 on enlarged pores and how to avoid clogging them.