The neck is an area of the body that is often neglected when applying your daily skincare routine. However, the parts of the body that haven’t been shielded regularly, like the neck and chest, show signs of aging sooner than others. Learn how to take proper care of your neck area, it’s never too late!


There are ways to prevent and also to treat existing signs of aging on the neck and they require minimum effort if you’re already used to a skincare routine. The products you use for the rest of your skin don’t necessarily work for your neck, as this skin is thinner and sensitive.

A product created specifically for the neck is beneficial. These tend to be gentler but powerful. At Sepai we have the Flawless Lift serum and the Flawless Neck cream.

Flawless Lift is a face and neck serum, it is firming, tonifying and perfecting. It’s perfect for skin with signs of wrinkles and lack of elasticity, no matter the skin type.

Flawless Neck is a perfecting cream that has a micro-lifting and redensifying effect. It also works on wrinkles and results in firmer, softer skin. It also illuminates and unifies the skin tone, which helps with patches of uneven skin tone or to simply achieve a luminous look.


Don’t forget about sun protection. Most of the time your neck is exposed to the sun without you even thinking about it. Put on a layer of sunscreen every day before going out and stay protected.

Even though it may sound weird, pay attention to your posture. The neck uses to sag faster than other parts because it is affected by the pull of gravity. On top of that, our modern habits take us to look down – to our phones, screens, desks, or computers – regularly. Fix this trying to keep your head up when you can, but also applying your cream from the base of your neck up.

With these easy tips, you can drastically change your neck’s future. Taking just a few more minutes of your time every day can make your neck look and feel a lot better, keeping you taken care of and protected.