Redness is an usual problem when it comes to skincare. Even if you don’t normally have sensitive skin, your current skincare routine, the weather, or even what you eat, can make your face get sensitive and suffer from redness, couperose skin or rosacea. Learn about some easy ways to prevent these, get rid of them, or at least improve the situation.

The most important change must be done within your skincare routine. You should use products that can help you desensitize your skin, we recommend the Relax Pro extract mixed with the Paparazzi cream. This combination will relax your skin and protect it from redness or similar symptoms. The Dark Spots serum is also filled with anti-inflammatory actives that can give you an even skin tone, without redness.

Prevent drastic temperature changes. You can do this by avoiding really hot baths or showers and making sure to properly cover your face when you go out on a cold day. 

Adapt your eating habits. Eat food rich in antioxidants, like carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Lower the spice level in your diet and avoid alcohol. 

Change the way you cleanse. Be sure to wash your face with lukewarm water and with a cleanser without SLS, like Cleanse or Wash, depending on your skin type. A good tip is to keep a chamomile teabag in the fridge and apply it onto your clean skin for a few seconds.

Relax. Emotional changes can trigger rosacea. You can’t stay out of trouble or avoid situations that’d cause stress, but you can be smart at reacting to those situations. Whenever you feel stressed, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. Take two minutes to breathe in and out, focusing on your breath.

Use sunscreen and take sunbaths. Use an SPF 15 or SPF 50+, depending on your skin phototype. You could use a hydrating cream with SPF included, like the City Shield. Once protected, get exposed to the positive benefits of the sun for a safe amount of time. It will help you boost your vitamin D levels and avoid seasonal affective disorder.

Don’t doubt consulting your dermatologist to get a specialized treatment or have faster results. You can also write to us at or any of our social media profiles.