Some people may think that using serums on oily skin is counter-productive, as adding oily substances to an oily face may seem odd. However, serums are ideal for this skin type because of their light contexture and concentrated actives. If you aren’t familiarised with them, serums are wonderful products that target specific problems and deliver concentrated active ingredients to solve them efficiently.

When choosing a serum for oily skin, you could pick one that controls sebum production. Make sure to stay away from irritants that could worsen your condition, go for gentle ingredients. A regularly used ingredient for oily skin types is retinol, but this active often causes a lot of consequences for new users, which is why it might not be the best option for everyone. At Sepai we created an easy option, a retin-free formula that has all of retinol’s properties without the down-sides.

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From this formula, you could choose the Flawless Lift serum, which allows oily skin to survive without the use of moisturizer, making your skincare routine lighter.
Another option is looking for glycolic acid on the ingredients. These serums might also help with anti-ageing and acne problems. However, use mild concentrations that won’t cause your skin to peel off. If you choose this option, be aware that it might cause your skin to burn easily, so try to use it only in the evening. Then, an easy pick that won’t harm your skin are antioxidant serums. These are better if you prefer a mild serum or have young skin. They fight free-radical damage and can also help attenuate ageing signs. A serum might be a great product to add to your routine, but keep in mind that sometimes it takes some tries to find what will work best for your specific skin type. So don’t give up and find your perfect match following these tips.