a smooth season change

Summer is coming to an end, but the weather might take a while to change. You must know that your skincare routine changes with the season, but it is important to keep going with your summer skincare until feel a significant weather change. Let us help you make this progression as easy as possible!


While the weather stays hot, you need to keep using a gentle cleanser that will get your skin clean without over drying it.
After your skin is nice and clean you’ll want to protect it with a serumSublime Youth is Sepai’s product of the season! It’s a super rich facial serum that improves hydration, firmness and works as a repairing after-sun treatment.

Sunscreen is important all year long, so don’t forget about it now! Use City Shield, with SPF 50, to protect and repair your skin at the same time.

For a little extra help, incluide antioxidants. Antioxidants are mainly known for their anti-aging attributes, but they can also help you protect your skin in more ways. Mixing antioxidants and sunscreen in a daily basis creates a stronger protection shield while also preventing the signs of aging.


A great way to get even more protected from the sun is to use a lip balm with SPF on your lips to also keep them soft and hydrated. Prepare them for the cold weather by keeping them soft and healthy.

It is okay to give your skin a deeper cleanse with an exfoliation, but make sure to never do so after sunbathing or being exposed to the sun for too long. Summer conditions aren’t the best for exfoliating, so pay attention to your skin and if it really needs it.

Either if you have been eagerly waiting for Autumn to start or if you don’t want to kiss Summer goodbye, listen to your skin and be aware of its needs before changing your skincare routine. Our body is greatly affected by our world, so make sure to change with it!