Protecting our skin is important all year long, but even more during summer. Everyone knows it is vital to wear sunscreen and to avoid long periods under the sun, but have you thought about protecting your skin from other factors?

For a long time, most people underestimated outdoor and indoor pollutants that we face every day. Even at home, there are many toxic chemicals that can affect your health and your skin’s wellbeing.


What should we protect our skin from?

There are three types of polluting stresses that can be harmful to the skin, atmospheric pollution, UV rays, and domestic chemicals. Most of these agents are imperceptible, but their consequences are not.

Our skin has a natural barrier to keep it protected from external agents like these, but repetitive and prolonged exposure to polluting agents can weaken it and make it less effective. Pollution causes irreversible damage, premature and accelerated aging is one of the main consequences, along with dehydration, sensitivity, and acne.

Protect your skin the right way.

At Sepai, we are proud to have the most advanced shield for the skin. Our City Shield protective armor can save your skin from all the harmful pollutants listed before.

Its impressive power comes from a single ingredient we call Protective Armor (Biosaccharide Gum-4). Like all of our ingredients, the Protective Armor is a mix of nature and the most avant-garde technology.

City Shield offers a longterm restructuration of the skin barrier, as well as an immediate shielding action that acts as a second skin and protects you from outside pollutants.

Nowadays, UV protection isn’t enough. The world changes and our everyday life is filled with new challenges. Give your skin the most advanced defense against harmful agents, try City Shield, and notice the difference!