Summer is just starting, but the sun is all year long, and it’s important to know how to be safe at all times, mostly during this hot season. So grab a hat and keep the sunblock close!

But wait! How could you know if your sunscreen is right for you? The truth is that we are never a hundred percent protected, there are rays that will get to your skin no matter the product, like infrared rays or the visible light that damages and ages the skin.

it isn’t as it seems

What’s important is to know how to use and choose your sunblock in order to stay as protected as possible. Most people will swear by sunscreen with the highest number. It’s obvious that an SPF 100 is better than SPF 50, right? But that isn’t always the rule. When used correctly, an SPF 20 can protect you even more than an SPF 50 wrongly used!

To understand this you need to know that regardless of the product, it is important to follow the instructions and apply it regularly. To achieve a real 50+ protection you would need to use half the bottle a day. A thin layer of SPF 50 sunscreen would give you the protection of an SPF 20, that is the reason why specialists recommend higher index sunscreens.


When looking for sunblock, keep in mind that what SPF means is how much time you can stay exposed to the sun compared to the time each of us takes to get sunburned depending on our skin. 

The number next to this acronym is the amount of protection you get against the UVB rays, exclusively.

If a bottle claims to be high-spectrum it probably means it protects you against both UVB and UVA rays, but be aware that it’s only possible to protect your skin from a third of the latter radiation.

So when reaching for your sunscreen, don’t give much thought to the numbers you see. Choose the product that fits your skin the best and doesn’t have harmful ingredients, and most importantly, apply your sunscreen with care, regularly and in good quantities if you are going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Enjoy all that summer has to offer without damaging your skin, good memories don’t need permanent marks to be remembered!