Sustainability is a word we hear very ofter these days. Products labeled sustainable, vegan, and eco-friendly are on the rise, but it can be tough to know what these labels mean behind the scenes.

At Sepai, we make an effort to be better every day by improving our formulas, sourcing, creation process, and packaging. Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible, and so far, we can say we have accomplished it.


Sustainability as a whole

To understand why this is so important to us, let’s look further into the meaning of sustainability. When we hear the word sustainable, we often think about something good regarding the environment. This definition is well aligned, but in reality, this word has more depth to it than just saving our natural resources.

Consequently, we can divide sustainability into three pillars, the social one, the economic, and of course, the environmental. While the planet is of great importance, so are its people and their economy. All of these factors come into place when making a sustainable product, and taking away one pillar could compromise the brand’s sustainability. 

Sepai’s sustainability

We create our products considering all aspects. Our goal is to give you clean and efficient products, taking into account our environmental impact and the work put into our creations.

As a result, we divide our sustainability into three main branches: 

  • Ingredients. Our formulas are vegan and natural, staying away from toxic or harmful components or grey substances (ingredients that add no value to the product).
  • Sourcing and production. We mix and bottle our products locally, with ingredients from renewable locations, a fair work ethic, and well-treated and paid workers.
  • Packaging. We choose glass over plastic. Every material used for our packages is biodegradable and responsible when it comes to recycling and energy consumption.

At Sepai we make it easy to take care of yourself while thinking about the environment. We offer you luxury products that are responsible for your skin and also the world around it.