Oily skin is one of the most common skin types out there, despite this, it seems hard to find ways to treat it at home without spending lots of money on it.
But that’s what we are here for! Help avoid excess oil with these easy tips you can do at home, and while you are on it, read all about oily skin, clicking here, to understand your skin even better.



First things first, wash your face. You should wash your face every morning and night if your skin is oily. Go for a gentle or neutral soap and don’t overdo it, twice a day is just enough, even if your face gets oily during the afternoon.
During the day, you can take the shine off with loose face powder (not pressed powder as it contains oil), or with blotting papers.



After washing, you could use a toner. Here are some DIY ones:
Use distilled witch hazel on a cotton pad twice a day, after cleansing. After the second or third week, use it only once a day. This will help keeping your pores tight.
You could also mix a tablespoon of yarrow, sage or peppermint oil with a cup of boiling water. Strain it and let it cool before dabbing it on your face. After, you can store it for 3 days or 5 if it is refrigerated.
If you want to stay toned all day long, mix lavender water with a drop of neroli oil and spray it on your skin several times a day.
One great way to avoid sebum and keep the skin moisturized is using honey. This natural remedy is antibacterial, antiseptic and humectant. Spread a thin layer of honey to your face and rinse it after 10 minutes.


Once or twice a week, if you want to treat yourself with a face mask, cosmetic clay is a great option. Mix a teaspoon of the clay powder with water or rose water and apply the mixture to your face until it dries. Instead of peeling it off, remove the mask with warm water and pat dry.
Aloe vera is also a great treatment for oils skin, and it is easy to find. Apply a thin layer before going to bed and leave it on until the next morning. But be careful, if your skin is sensitive, it might cause an allergic reaction, so test a small amount on your arm before using it on your face.
If you want to get creative with face masks, check our DIY recipes here (LINK).
Treating oil skin may be harder for some, but effort pays off and you will see results once you learn what works best for you. Remember to treat your face with love and avoid covering with tons of products and makeup that could be worsening the situation.