There are many types of anti-aging products. Most of them claim to turn back the clock and give you a face-lift within minutes, but not all work the way they claim to.
It is true (sadly) that a cream can’t do wonders and eliminate all signs of aging overnight, making you look 20 at your 40s. But it is also true that many skin problems can be solved, to understand how, and to choose the best product for your skin, it is important to know what anti-aging products do for you.



What most creams do to avoid wrinkles and age signs is to avoid collagen lost. Collagen is a very important part of your skin’s structure. Day by day, collagen is stressed because of using facial muscles, but there comes a fay in which all this stress adds up and your skin stops being as elastic as before, resulting in wrinkles and facial lines.
When a product that fights collagen lost works on your skin, it slows the rate of water loss and keeps the skin supple. This makes wrinkles less noticeable and helps prevent their early appearance, but sadly, a cream can’t completely erase all wrinkles your skin has created.


This being said, you can’t turn the clock all the way back, but you can help your skin age slower and better, making the age signs less abundant and softer than they would normally be.
Certain ingredients found on anti-aging products are more effective than others, so we’ve made a cheat sheet for you to keep an eye on these:
Grape seed extract. It is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that promote wound healing. We use it on products like the Local eye cream, FLAWLESS LIPS and the DE-PUff EYES serum.
Retinol. Even though it is a go-to anti-aging ingredient by most brands, there are many negative effects that come with it. This is why on our Flawless line, we created a formula with all the great results of retinol, but without it!
Vitamin C. A wonderful antioxidant that protects your skin from the sun (the main cause of age signs).


Hydroxy acids. These are exfoliant acids found on citric fruits, apples and almonds. They remove the dead skin and help the new one grow smooth and evenly pigmented.
Peptides. Found on products like the Redensify extractDE-PUff EYES serum and the SUBLIME YOUTH OIL. They are wound healing and help with stretch marks or wrinkles.
Keep these tips in mind when choosing anti-aging products and you might find your perfect match quicker!