One of the biggest questions about anti-aging products is when to start using them. At what age am I too young to prevent the signs of aging? Anti-aging products could be added to your skincare routine from the age of 21.

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What really matters is that you use products appropriate for your age. A young adult doesn’t need as much protection someone reaching their forties, since the skin at a younger age is fully capable of repairing itself and only needs a little help at avoiding damage that may have future consequences. Antioxidants are great for the younger users because they have preservative qualities. Protecting your skin with a layer of antioxidants before you go out will help you avoid air pollution and UV rays, two of the main causes of aging signs.


Because the sun reaches everyone and leads to wrinkles, spots and much more, sunscreen is always necessary no matter the age. Apply it before makeup and try getting it from a product that apart from their original function has SPF, so you don’t drown your face under a million products.

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On the other hand, if you are still on your thirties or under, you don’t need to use the whole anti-aging range. At this point you don’t need to look for products that increase collagen production or promise better flexibility. Also, if your skin isn’t on the drier side, you don’t need to apply heavy moisturizers. Protecting your skin and keeping it healthy is never a bad thing to do, just make sure you are giving your skin what you need and it’s not unnecessary layers of product.