Biofermentation is a technique that’s been used for years but recently added to skincare. You may be aware of the health benefits of eating fermented food, this same knowledge is now applied to skincare!


the benefits of biofermentation

At Sepai, we apply this technology to our ingredients to super-boost what goes into your skin. The biofermentation process results in nutrients, minerals, and actives that are far more rapidly absorbed by the skin, also creating amino acids and antioxidants.

We want to give your skin the most beneficial ingredients, and one of the best ways to do this is by fermentation. Once an ingredient comes into contact with your skin, it can’t always be broken down into vitamins or minerals, fermentation allows us to give your skin the best nutritional value at a cellular level.

For some years, many studies have researched the benefits of fermented ingredients. It was found that antioxidants increase by biofermentation, treating wrinkles and pigmentation more efficiently (1). Likewise, another study found that the fermented ingredients provided greater benefits due to the improvement of their absorptive and immune-suppressive effects.

Biofermented or not, the future of skincare is in nature, and at Sepai we stay true to our principles, giving your skin the safest and most effective natural ingredients, with the lower environmental impact, staying as sustainable as always.


(1) 2012, Korea University – Department of Food and Nutrition